chelsea2 (1)

A little about myself. I am a proud mommy to three beautiful babies, married to my high school sweetheart and best friend since 9th grade, and love binge watching TV series. And eating chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate.

I also LOVE taking photos. There is something about capturing the little things. From the chubby little rolls on my baby girls’ arms, the smile my son has when he pretends he’s an astronaut, or the joy my oldest daughter has when she gets to ride her rocking horse… these are the moments I want to hold on to forever. I love capturing memories and preserving legacies!

I find importance and value in photography. It allows timeless pieces to carry on and tell their stories forever. I remember being a kid and spending hours looking at baby photos of myself. My first steps, first tooth, the photos from that Christmas where my sister and I opened all of our gifts to peek and wrapped them back up. Photos of my young mom holding me as a newborn, and wondering how I will look when I have babies of my own. Photography has been my way to freeze those fleeting moments I fear I will forget. Moments and details that fade over time in memory, but last forever in photos. That’s why I do it, that’s why I love it!