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I know many of you reading this may be parents desperate for a good sleep routine for their little one, and ready to start sleeping better yourself. If so, this blog is for you! I also feel excited to share with others a product or service that I love and believe in. To tell another family who is in the situation we were in about something that can also change their lives makes my heart happy!  A little back story first though, on how my family started sleeping through the night again after the birth of our youngest daughter, Lia.

After our little newborn Lia came home from the hospital, she co-slept with my husband and I, as did our two older children did as young babies. The only difference with the first two kids and our youngest is that she didn’t have a room of her own to sleep in, being our house only has three bedrooms. It was an easy enough decision in the beginning since co-sleeping and nursing a baby with a big appetite at all hours of the day (and night!) made sense. I had two very little kids at the time with established bedtime routines in place. I wasn’t about to uproot all of that work and consistency with them to have one child sleep in a room with a newborn. I was already tired as it was with three kids in diapers. Throwing a kink into my oldest kids’ sleep routine was just a no-go. So Lia stayed in bed with us  – for 16 months.

I won’t lie, I loved having her next to me throughout the night. There was a sense of calm knowing if she needed me I was right there. But then she got bigger, and STILL nursed through the night, as if she were a starving newborn. Her sleep was disrupted, our sleep was disrupted, and everyone seemed to wake up grumpy. It was time for a change. And that’s where Nicole came in to save us. She owns Belly to Bean, Sleep Co. and was worth every penny! She coached us through a few long nights and bad habits, and turned our grouchy cat-napping 16 month old into an hour or more napping happy girl WHO SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT! I was shocked. And in a weeks time! Lia was literally a different child after getting her on a predictable napping and bedtime routine and kicking the old habits.

Nicole was there to answer every question, taught us about sleep patterns and how to time them with what my daughter needed for her age, and was full of information and tips that helped us get Lia taking regular naps, sleeping in her own space, and sleeping through the night without needing to nurse. Hallelujah!

I loved that Nicole took the time to do a consultation meeting before starting to discuss our situation, what our end goal was and how we wanted to get there. From start to finish, she was patient with us and all of our questions, was full of plan A’s and plan B’s (and sometimes C’s because Lia was a little stubborn in the beginning), and genuinely cared for our family’s success in sleeping through the night. I can’t thank her enough, and feel it is necessary to share her with all of you mamma’s and daddy’s out there wondering IF you’ll ever get to sleep again. There is hope! Even though Nicole is based out of Washington state, she provides her coaching services everywhere in the United States and Canada!  If you want to connect with her, you can find her here or visit her Facebook page here. You won’t regret it. The only thing I regret is not reaching out to her sooner!


I also want to add that if you mention this blog post from Chelsey Grant Photography, you can score big on her SOS package for 49% off! That’s a steal of a deal for professional coaching on getting your family back to sleep. Offer expires December 1st, 2017! To contact Nicole, you can reach her here








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