Baby Logan | Orting Newborn Photographer

Meet little Logan. So tiny and precious. Cute story about Logan… his momma and daddy couldn’t decide on a name for this little guy, right up to the time they had to leave. His temporary name was Baby Batman, it was even written on the little white board in his delivery room. How cute is that? I am sure his big brother, Mark, loved the name. I think any brother or sister would! So when mom pulled out this ADORABLE batman onesie with a CAPE on the back, I almost died. Died from cuteness overload, and the fact that it’s so fitting for Logan’s family. It told a little back story to Logan’s entrance into this world. When his family looks back at these photos as he grows, they will remind them how tiny and absolutely amazing he was, but will also be reminded of the story of how little Logan was unofficially and quiet possibly the first Baby Batman. Enjoy!


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